Monday, August 11, 2008

The Armadillo has a home (and so do we)!

We made it! We travelled up the coast of Georgia and South Carolina and made it to Morehead City at 4:00 pm Sunday, August 10. I rang Mom and Aunt Mercy to tell them our ETA and we all met in front of the Sanitary Fish Market and Restaurant. I tell you, Paula Deen ain’t got nothin’ on the hush puppies at the Sanitary!! We ate a couple of baskets of the pups slathered in butter (and a bit of seafood on the side) and headed over the big bridge to Beaufort and 913 Ann Street, our new house.
Once we settled into the rocking chairs on the front porch, Willis and I handed a mysterious black plastic garbage back to Mom and Aunt Mercy and told them they had to guess what was in it. After only a few fondles and guesses (with Willis indicating hot, warm, or cold) my Mother guessed what was in the bag. I was impressed!
We’ve unpacked the garbage bag but we still haven’t unpacked the car. The call of those rocking chairs is just too strong. We’ll get around to unpacking one of these days...
Check out our homecoming here.
Check out shots of the area here (designed to entice!)

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shirl said...

what a wonderful experience you have given W and me too-saved me money-exciting for your mum and rellies to have you home.Ssay helo to her for me--have a rest then start planning to bring Willis out ot our beautiful country.Cheers girl from NZ -Love Shirl R